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Bohunt School Worthing
65a Broadwater Road
West Sussex BN14 8AH
Tel: 01903 601361

Headteacher: Mr Adam Whitehead

Name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public: Mrs Lisa Day, Operations Manager & Headteacher’s PA.

Accessibility Plan

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Anti Bullying policy

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Behaviour and Exclusions – Engagement policy

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Charging and remissions policy

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Child Protection Safeguarding policy

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Complaints policy

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Curriculum policy

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Data Protection policy

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Diversity and Equality

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External Provider Access Arrangements

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Freedom of Information policy

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Gender Pay Gap Information

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Health and Safety policy

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Pupil Premium Policy

Enjoy. Respect. Achieve.”
This article explains how we plan to spend our Student Premium Funding to help make a high quality education a reality for all young people.

For students entitled to free school meals, students in care, students of parents in the armed forces, the school receives the student premium. For 2016/17 this will work out at £935 per student who receives free school meals, £1900 per students who is looked after and £300 per student whose parents are in the armed forces.

The Plans and budgets for Pupil Premium will be reviewed on an annual basis. Interventions and impact will be reported to the governors.

Review of the progress of the cohort of the Pupil Premium students’ performance and progress in 2015/16 will take place each term.

  • Every student has an individual support plan, reviewed termly
  • There is individual monitoring of attendance, Attitudes to Learning (ATLs) and progress grades.

Our pupil premium allocation and expenditure for the academic year 2016-2017 was £74,860.00. The link below outlines our policy for 2017 18 and the expenditure and impact for 2016 17.

Pupil Premium Spending 2017 18

Pupil Premium Spending 2016 17


Student safety is always a school’s number one priority, please follow this link to understand our key personnel and structures for safeguarding our students. All our staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures annually with regular refreshers on processes throughout the year. There are clear displays for visitors to Bohunt School Worthing identifying where to go with any concern around the safety of a student.

Our policy for child protection can be read here.

If you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

Contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ms Georgette Ayling if your concern is less urgent and you are worried about the welfare of a child or children. For example, you may want us to make sure a child is safe or tell us about a child’s general welfare. You can contact Ms Ayling by calling the main school switchboard on 01903 601361 or by emailing When we hear that a child might be being harmed in some way we make enquiries, we normally investigate with the local Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and try to speak to all other professionals who may know the child and their family.

Advice for parents

As parents, you want to make sure that your children develop healthily and thrive. The NSPCC can help you with advice on how you can build strong relationships with your children and keep them safe.

It’s more than just physical safety. A big part of keeping children safe is making sure to look after their emotional and mental well-being. Helping them develop healthy emotional bonds from infancy can have a lifelong effect, and a strong relationship can make it easier when you want to discuss issues such as expressions of sexual behaviour or self-harm.

To read more about safeguarding, please click here.


Sex and Relationship Education policy

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Special educational needs (SEN) report and policy

Our SENCO is called Miss Rebecca Curtis and can be emailed on


SEND information report

Other useful SEN references:

West Sussex Local Offer:

West Sussex Local Offer Annual Report:

SEND Code of Practice: END_Code_of_Practice_January_2015.pdf


Supporting Medical Conditions policy

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Values and ethos

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Whistleblowing policy

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Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

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Requests for copies

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