Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Supporting Students’ Well-Being and Behaviour

There are many students who require additional support to succeed at school. Creating a bespoke mentoring programme will support students emotionally and also ensure that they are challenged to work hard, succeed and overcome their barriers to learning.


Student safety is always a school’s number one priority, please follow this link to understand our key personnel and structures for safeguarding our students.

Our policy for child protection can be read here.

The following sections are designed to provide you with practical advice on areas of concern that sometimes cause parents anxiety or stress when supporting their teenager.

The four areas are, Eating disorders, Self-Harm, Anxiety, Online Safety.

Our intention is to provide an area of the website where parents might find information, advice and guidance that supports them in understanding areas of teenage life that might feel alien to them.

Some of the links are to websites that provide their own advice and guidance; other links are to articles that may be of interest that are linked to the subject matter.

In some areas we share some of our own teaching resources which provides an insight into how Bohunt is adapting its curriculum to support students.

The range of links is by no means exhaustive. We would welcome feedback and recommendations of additional information that parents have, themselves found useful and supportive.

Should you wish to provide any feedback please go to info@bohuntworthing.com and title your email Health Web page.

Thank you
Mr Adam Whitehead BSc (Hons)


Self Harm

For information on Self Harm follow the links below:

Eating Disorders

For information on Eating Disorders, follow the links below:


For information on Anxiety, follow the links below:

On-line Safety

In the recent monitoring visit from the Bohunt Education Trust (October 2017) our iPad 1:1 scheme was highly praised, in particular the way that iPad use is now embedded into our curriculum and the way our students use iPads responsibly and effectively in lessons. As you will know, we do not allow iPad use during social time, this is because we prioritise students’ face to face social interactions at that time.
It is true however, that in the modern world much of the socialising that young people do is online, via social media and messaging platforms etc. Keeping young people safe in this online world is hugely important but can be a thorny issue. In order to support you in this endeavour, we have put together some advice and further links that may be of use.

We do hope you find the attached helpful. Should you ever have concerns regarding your child’s safety online that you would like support with, please do get in touch with their form tutor or achievement coordinator.

BSW Online Safety Leaflet

For additional information on On-line Safety, follow the link below: