At Bohunt School Worthing , we offer History, Geography and Personal, Social and Religious Education (PSRE) as discrete subjects.

As a wise man once said, those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Geography gives students a broader understanding of the planet and its people. As well as academic knowledge and skills, Geography fosters tolerance and independent thinking, while preparing students to become active citizens in an ever-changing world.

PSRE examines different cultures and beliefs, developing evaluative skills as well as empathy and compassion. We help to broaden their horizons by looking at important concepts, and tackling some of life’s biggest questions and skills.

History KS3 BET Standards

History Grades 1-9

History Curriculum Map- All Years

Geography KS3 BET Standards

Geography Grades 1-9

Geography Curriculum Map- All Years

PSRE KS3 BET Standards

PSRE Grades 1-9

PSRE Curriculum Map – All Years