Sport & PE

The Physical Education programme is designed to support, contribute to and complement the overall aims of the school. The department aims to provide an enjoyable, challenging and balanced programme, giving all students the opportunity to develop control over their bodies, to learn and develop new skills and to experience a variety of situations which require problem-solving skills, as well as sports leadership.

The promotion of an active lifestyle for pupils is considered to be of great importance and healthy active lifestyles is present both as an integral part of all activities and a discreet unit.

The department aims for the development of self-confidence and self-esteem through challenging, differentiated schemes of work, to encourage pupils to work together in a spirit of co-operation and to appreciate and respect strengths and weaknesses in self and others. A variety of teaching styles will allow for individual, paired and group work and will encourage pupil involvement in the planning of their own learning.

It is intended that the programme offered, together with an appreciation of the leisure and sports opportunities available within the local community will develop in pupils a desire to continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle after they have left the school.

The teaching programme and teaching styles used within the department allow for differentiation so that the needs of pupils of all abilities can be fully met. In addition to this, a full programme of co-curricular activities encourages the development of pupil potential to the highest degree.

We are extremely proud of our co-curricular programme which offers opportunities to participate for enjoyment or to further develop skills in individual and team activities. Pupils are encouraged to participate in fixtures against other schools and we already have students competing at local, County and National levels in a range of different activities.

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