Industry and business are built on science, technology, engineering and mathematics –the so-called STEM subjects. That makes them some of the most highly sought-after subjects among employers and universities – and thus extremely important for us here at Bohunt School.

STEM subjects can be challenging, but they open up huge opportunities. We aim to produce resilient, enthusiastic and confident learners who believe they can succeed. The STEM faculty covers Maths, Science, Technology and Computing.

Maths KS3 BET Standards

Maths Curriculum Map- KS3

Maths Grades 1-9

Maths Curriculum Map- KS4

Science KS3 BET Standards

Science Grades 1-9

Science Curriculum Map- All Years

STEM/DT KS3 BET Standards

STEM Grades 1-9

Food KS3 BET Standards

Food Technology Grades 1-9

STEM/DT Curriculum Map- All Years

Computing KS3 BET Standards

Computing Grades 1-9

Interactive Media Grades 1-9

Computing Curriculum Map- KS3

Computing and Interactive media Curriculum Map- KS4