Annual Information to Parent/Carers for Emergency Closure


During periods of inclement weather we always do our best to remain open. We recognise that parents have busy working
lives and having to make arrangements for younger children at short notice can be very stressful.

The decision to close the school is usually taken between 7.00am and 7.30am after consideration of the following:

• An assessment of the weather conditions and related forecast.

• Evaluation of local transport situation – accessibility and safety.

• An assessment of the school site, particularly with regard to access and safety, both around the site, and particularly on
journeys to and from the school.

• A general assessment of the likely staffing implications should colleagues be unable to get to school. Please bear in mind
that although conditions near to school might appear less severe it is sometimes the ability of staff to travel in that dictates
our decision.

Once the decision is made to close the school a message is posted on our school website ( and a
message is sent out on our twitter account (@BohuntWorthing). We also send a school email on the morning of any closure
to all priority 1 parents for whom we have an address. In addition local radio stations are alerted – specifically BBC Sussex;
Spirit FM, Wave FM and More Radio.

If we believe staffing levels mean we can manage a partial closure we will communicate this to you stating which year groups
are expected in. In the first instance this is likely to be Y11 as an exam year and Y7 as the youngest in terms of being left
home alone.

In the event of a school closure (full or partial) staff will assign work on Google classrooms for students affected to cover
missed lessons.