BSW Blog – 19th October 2018


AWH sq - smallDear Parents/Carers

I write this whilst sat at the back of a Mandarin lesson in Xiamen, China: my own Mandarin language having been rapidly left behind by the skills of our students.  We have 24 students on the trip, all of whom are actively engaged in 2 1/2 hrs of Mandarin classroom teaching every day, followed by cultural activities (we are all looking forward to Kung Fu this afternoon).  Not all BSW students will get to go on this particular trip but it coincides with a similar trip to Nice, the launch of Duke of Edinburgh to Y9 and 10, MEP students in Y8 hearing about their trip to China in the summer, places for the Y7 trip to France being offered and charity events for the Summer 2019 Tea Project expedition to Sri Lanka to name but a few.  All these experiences and more form part of our wider school enrichment offer.

As in any school, lessons are our important day job but your child’s school days should be about so much more that that. We value the memories and experiences outside of the classroom that shape the individual in terms of outlook and life skills just as highly. These memories can come from clubs, trips, school representation or participation in special events.  Our recent Ofsted, and this blog, celebrate the wider school and the wealth of opportunity that is on offer. We have had a long half term packed with events every week and the school has felt like a very special place. We are immensely proud that this has been recognised through both the formal channels of Ofsted, the parental, student and staff survey responses as well as comments from prospective future BSW parents who have, over the last two weeks, toured in large numbers. I wish everybody a happy and relaxing half term.

Very best wishes,

Adam Whitehead



Our students and staff have made it to China and Nice and are enjoying some amazing adventures. See the next edition of the BSW Blog for news and pictures!

The first ERA Day of the academic year took place on Friday 12th October, with students from all year groups partaking in a range of activities, as they spent the day off their usual timetable. Year 7 pupils attended a series of workshops and activities run by staff which helped them understand how to stay safe online. The sessions also explored how to use iPads effectively in class, with some training on using apps and programs that will help students make progress, as well as the expectations around iPads in school.

Many of our Year 8 pupils took an exciting trip to Legoland for a hands-on exploration of the park and the chance to learn how to build their own responsive Lego robot in the attraction’s Imagination Centre. Students worked in small teams to assemble robots, before programming them to follow movement, visual and audio commands. The results were very impressive! Students also experienced the fun and thrills of Legoland’s brilliant rides, taking in everything from the Pirate Falls log flume to the Ninjago interactive experience. Luke Heaton of 8SWI said, ‘it was great to spend the day with friends, making things and enjoying the rides’, while Matthew Hatchard (also 8SWI) said ‘this was an unforgettable day’.


Mr Goldberg commented on the excellent conduct and behaviour of students on the day, saying that they were ‘a credit to Bohunt and did the school proud.’


Some of our Year 8 pupils took part in a series of language-based sessions in school, delving into Chinese culture, watching a Mandarin-language movie and creating a comic strip. Their efforts demonstrated a great mix of creativity and Mandarin-proficiency.

Year 9 students explored the world of STEM, conducting Science experiments, solving challenging Maths puzzles and working in groups achieve their best. Staff commented on their excellent collaborative work, ability to work safely and brilliant conduct throughout the day.


Pupils in Year 10 had an active day of sessions which focused on P.E, Drama and Dance. Students challenged themselves to pick up new skills, whilst working collaboratively on performance pieces and honing their sporting skills across a range of different games.


Meanwhile Year 11 Pupils were with the English department, taking part in activities aimed at developing and strengthening their literacy skills in advance of their summer exams, while also celebrating their creativity and teamwork. We continue to wish them well in this important year.


To mark the annual World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th October, the Pastoral team put together assemblies, activities and tutor time sessions aimed at raising awareness and removing the stigma attached to mental health problems. It is thought that over 70% of young people who suffer with mental health issues feel isolated by their peers, so it is more vital than ever to emphasise the importance of looking out for each other. Ms Langford and Mrs Drury gave a brilliant assembly to the school which highlighted the importance of ‘asking twice’ to make sure friends and peers are really okay, even when they seem fine on the outside.

To raise money for the mental health charity Mind, the Pastoral team also organised a Chilli Challenge, where students from each house could vote for staff to represent them in a fiery Chilli showdown. Points for the winner went toward the coveted House Cup, so the stakes were very high indeed! Students voted for Mr Minor from Mandela, Mr Pearson from Turing and Mr Folcik from Franklin. During the assembly on Monday 15th October, the contestants sampled a range of red hot chillis, competing to see who could eat the most. It was Mr Folcik who took the prize after a tense round, showing that he really can handle the heat! Ms Langford revealed that as well as being a fun way to raise money for Mind, the spicy chillis represented how we can often hide what is really going on inside us, a poignant message about mental health.




The school opened its doors to visitors during mornings from Monday 2nd October to Wednesday 17th October, with prospective students, parents and carers coming to see the school in action. Visitors were taken on tours around the school, popping into lessons and seeing how students learn on a daily basis. Tour guides from all year groups did an absolutely fantastic job of showing and informing visitors, answering questions and telling them all about their school. As ambassadors for BSW, the students did the school proud and we would like to congratulate them on an amazing job.

On Wednesday 17th October and Thursday 18th October students and staff from BSW went to Horsham to help the trust promote and inform visitors about the exciting new Bohunt School opening there next year. Students spoke to parents, demonstrated interactive activities and fielded questions about being a Bohunt pupil. The Digital Leaders talked about the 1:1 iPad scheme and the Bohunt Times, while the Bohunt band played a selection of pieces throughout the evening. Staff from departments supervised student volunteers as well as discussing the curriculum for their subject area. Senior Digital Leader Louie Rowe said, ‘I think this was a great opportunity to get involved in welcoming prospective students and parents/carers to a brand new school.’


A team of talented and dedicated mathematicians set off to Priory School on Thursday 4th October to take part in the Maths Trust Challenge. These Year 11 students went up against pupils from four other BET schools in a series of tough Maths challenges. The results were fantastic, with the team coming first overall! Not only this but they won in every round! A brilliant achievement.

yr 11 trust challenge 1

year 11 trust challenge 3

In sport we are pleased to announce that the year 8 Football Team has made it to the final of the County League. They played Worthing High on Thursday 18th October and won with a stunning victory of 5-0. Centre-Midfielder Malakyi Ebanks commented, ‘it was a brilliant effort from the whole team and showed how hard we’ve worked this term.

As well as celebrating what happens at BSW, we are always pleased to shout about the wonderful things our students are achieving outside of school as well. Year 8 pupils Henry Broadhurst took part in the Water Polo Championships in Manchester as part of Worthing Swimming Club. The won the Championship and did Worthing proud! An incredible achievement. Meanwhile, Ryan Colcombe in 7RRE took part in the Eastbourne & District Junior Badminton tournament on Sunday 7th October, gaining a medal for coming runner up in the U12 Boy’s Singles category. He sadly missed out on the wining trophy by 2 points! A big well done to both students.

Thank you to the following student photographers who contributed to imagery used in this edition of the BSW Blog; Joshua Simpson, Ben Fisher, Will Dootson, Olivia Venditto and Mia Gravett.

General notices
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Parent/carers to be aware that any property or equipment dropped to office, needs to be collected by the student, from the office. Please remind your child to go to the office to collect their items.

Key dates:

Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October – Half term. Students return to school on Monday 29 October.
Monday 5 November – Y11 Mocks – week 1
Wednesday 7 November – Y7 and Y8 Apollo Theatre trip
Monday 12 November – Y11 Mocks – week 2
Tuesday 13 November – KS3 Information Evening
Monday 19 November – Inset Day – school closed to all students
Tuesday 27 November – BET Inset Day – school closed to all students

Have a fantastic half term break and we look forward to seeing you again Monday 29 October!