BSW Blog 21st March 2018

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Dear parent/carer,

On Tuesday we completed our 100 Days of Happiness project with a whole school photo taken by a drone to celebrate the 400 photos students had sent in over the course of 100 school days.

The mental health of young people is a serious and growing issue that schools and families need to tackle together and the 100 days initiative was designed to highlight to students the enjoyment in their lives. An optimistic outlook is an often underestimated factor in reducing the likelihood of a young person suffering depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. We all have a view that we might be a glass half full or half empty type of person but optimism can also be learnt and has three key factors:

Permanence: Optimistic people believe bad events to be more temporary than permanent and bounce back quickly from failure. They also believe good things happen for reasons that are permanent, rather than seeing the transient nature of positive events. Optimists point to specific temporary causes for negative events; pessimists point to permanent causes.

Pervasiveness: Optimistic people compartmentalise helplessness, whereas pessimistic people assume that failure in one area of life means failure in life as a whole. Optimistic people also allow good events to brighten every area of their lives rather than just the particular area in which the event occurred.

Personalisation: Optimists blame bad events on causes outside of themselves, whereas pessimists blame themselves for events that occur. Optimists also quickly internalise positive events while pessimists externalise them.

As adults we can use the above ideas on optimism to counter the sometimes strongly held negative beliefs of young people when they deal with an adverse situation at school or home. Challenging pessimism and the notion that you have no control over what happens in your life is critical if our young people are to grow into well rounded, resilient adults.


Tuesday 20 March marked the final day in our 100 Days of Happiness project. For 100 days students and staff have sent in their snaps of things that make them happy, resulting in an incredible collection of images. On the 100th day, students in all 3 houses gathered outside on the MUGA for a unique school photo. Arranged into the letters ‘BSW’, our pupils were photographed by a drone-mounted camera, producing an iconic image of our wonderful students and a moment to be proud of. A huge thank you for all of the wonderful submissions to 100 Days of Happiness.

BSW Drone

Auditions for the School Talent Show are well underway, with students showcasing a wide range of talents from song and dance to comedy. We look forward to seeing the Bohunt Talent show on Wednesday 25 April at 5 – 6pm.

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! This is a fantastic website which offers the latest teen fiction at discount prices. You are able to order directly online and your books are sent to the school with free delivery for your child to collect. We will notify you when your order is available. And what’s more…for every £1 you spend our school will receive 25p towards new books!


On Monday 12 March our Year 9 and 10 GCSE History students received a visit from a very special guest. Holocaust survivor Dorit Oliver-Wolff told the students her incredible and inspirational story of courage and resilience, from her childhood escaping Nazi persecution in Eastern Europe to her rise to pop stardom in Germany. Dorit’s stories were full of bravery, loss, horror, surprise and even laughter and our students were moved to hear this important first-hand account.


The school has marked two important dates in the global calendar over the last fortnight, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and International Women’s Day. Through assembles delivered by both staff and students and a school-wide poster and poetry competition run by Miss Robbins, pupils have demonstrated and promoted tolerance, equality and respect within our school community.

Poster by Tiah Doran 9PHA

Poster by Tiah Doran 9PHA

We are proud to have five of our students running as candidates in the West Sussex Youth Cabinet Elections. Nicola Osinska, Phoebe Saunders, Alizer Turner, George French and Benjamin Waterer have created manifestos which highlight their commitment to making positive changes in our area. You can read more about the Youth Cabinet on West Sussex’s website.

The Sport Relief sponsored run will take place on Thursday 22 March. Our students have already done fantastically in raising money for this important event and cause. It’s not too late to sponsor whatever you can and help our students raise as much as possible.


In July 2019, 14 pupils and two staff members will be flying out to a small village near Kandy, Sri Lanka to help renovate and restore a training and education centre for workers in Sri Lanka who are often left to work in poorly paid jobs such as tea picking. To raise money, a select group of students from Year 9 and 10 grouped together to run a refreshment stand at our Year 7 Parent Evening, selling hot drinks and biscuits for parents and staff to get them through the event. They are also running an Easter Disco on Friday 23 March to raise additional funds.

Sri Lanka fundraisers

On Friday 16 March six students were chosen to represent the school for the first ever time in the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP LEGO Robotics Challenge National Final. Overall the students had an amazing day and came home with a finalist trophy. Despite not winning, the students were in the top 10% of all schools that entered.


We’re thrilled to announce some exciting results from recent sports fixtures. The Year 10 boys football team secured their first ever victory, winning against Chatsmore High. The Year 7 boys football team secured a great result against Sackville School in East Grinstead going from a 2-2 draw in extra time to a 4-3 victory on penalties. The Year 7 girls also showed their brilliance in the Brighton and Hove Albion Cup Football Tournament, coming third, and the Year 8 Boys won the the Albion Cup. Great results all around!

IMG_5372On Friday 23 March GCSE Dance students will be taking part in a workshop with Choreographer Wayne Parsons.


Please ensure that you regularly check and update your child’s account on the school gateway system.


Friday 23 March Easter Disco (tickets £1.50 and must be bought at school before the event), 5.30 – 7.30pm

Thursday 19 April Parents’ Coffee Morning – Careers Advice and Guidance, 9am

Wednesday 25 April Bohunt Talent Concert, 5 – 6pm – more details and ticket info to follow


We have added more teaching vacancies and will be adding more so please keep an eye on the recruitment section of our website.