BSW Blog – 24th January 2019


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Dear Parent/Carer,

As we start the new calendar year, we have asked students to reflect on how they fulfil and contribute to the “Enjoy” aspect of our school ethos. Students have been encouraged to reflect on how they contribute to the school, both negatively and positively; and they have been instructed to reflect on how their contributions impact upon other students.

This year we have used class charts to enable you to see both the rewards and sanctions given out by the school. We aim for a ratio of at least four to one positive to negative points, and for the vast majority of students it is significantly better than that. I hope this information has enabled you to celebrate your son or daughter’s successes, and has allowed you to reinforce behaviour expectations if necessary. We want this information to be transparent, so students can access this information to see what they are doing well, and what they need to focus on to improve. We also want parents to have a clear understanding of when and how their child is being celebrated, and also if their child has been sanctioned and what for.

At the heart of the relationship that exists between a school and its parents is the understanding that we all have the long-term interests of your sons and daughters in common. Philosophically, we are committed to ensuring students are educated in an environment which is deeply caring and nurturing. We are confident that you chose us as you like our ethos and how we educate our students.

We are all trying to do what is best for your child, and we will always aim to praise and celebrate where possible. Teachers do not relish reprimanding students or imposing sanctions; it is not our style to make your child unhappy, but it is necessary at times. For the vast majority of time students get things right, however they can get things wrong and that is fine if they learn from it. What is important is that staff are supported by parents in imposing a sanction where necessary. Students may not always communicate fully why they are being sanctioned, and it is necessary to remember that we were not present at the time and, if truth be told, who has the most at stake: a child who has got something wrong or the adult teacher simply pointing out and dealing with misbehaviour or poor conduct?

I would like to ask for your co-operation and understanding in not instantaneously challenging staff who have seen fit to raise a behavioural concern or impose a sanction. Dealing with such challenges can take a disproportionate amount of time and energy from staff who should be spending their non-teaching time preparing lessons and marking. To ensure students become mature adults, we must encourage students to take responsibility for, and resolve issues themselves. Please be assured we will always be in contact if a matter is more serious and requires parental intervention.

In the vast majority of circumstances staff uphold our standards and expectations. I need staff to feel confident in applying sanctions where necessary and then to get on with their core priority: educating your child. We hope parents understand the necessity to uphold rules to ensure the school is giving your child every opportunity to succeed educationally, and also to ensure your child flourishes into a well-rounded, functioning member of society once they leave school.

As this issue of the blog demonstrates, there is plenty to Enjoy at our school and this is a fundamental consideration in all our decision making.

Very best wishes,

Adam Whitehead


With the theme of the Spring Term being Enjoy, we are pleased to report on some of the exciting things that students are enjoying doing around school. Whole-school and house assemblies have focused on the theme of new beginnings and resolutions, with an emphasis on taking on new challenges and accepting opportunities at school. We have kicked off the new year with some fantastic examples of students making the best of their time at BSW.

On January 16th and 17th Year 11 GCSE Drama students showcased their exam performances to students, staff and parents/carers in a rehearsal for their final GCSE performance piece which took place the following day. This was an opportunity to demonstrate the amazing hard work they have put in writing, preparing and performing their short pieces. Students created a performance based around the theme of mental health. The dedication and focus of the students was clear during the dress rehearsals, and students were praised by their audience as well as taking on constructive areas for improvement.

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Auditions for the next BSW school production took place on Monday 21st January. This year’s performance is Oliver! and students across all year groups turned out in large numbers for audition for the chance to be a part of the production. As well as performers we will also be looking for a range of supporting roles to be filled, from backstage and lighting to hair and makeup. As always we encourage all students to get involved and make the most of another brilliant opportunity. More news to follow!

The sporting charity Albion in the Community has informed us a great local opportunity. The Girls Football Development Centre is now running, based at Durrington High School locally but with centres all over Sussex. For girls interested in developing their football skills this is a brilliant chance to receive expert coaching from experienced and highly talented players.

Albion Girls Football coaching poster v3


We’re excited to announce that the school will hold its first ever Year 11 Prom this summer and have been delighted to let our Year 11 students know, providing an exciting incentive during this challenging year for them. While we would love to have all Year 11 students attend the Prom, it has been important to emphasise that this represents a great privilege to them and that their place at the Prom is a reward for excellent conduct, hard work and respect across all lessons. Each student in Year 11 has been issued with a Prom Passport, in which school staff can award Prom Points for hard work and respectful behaviour. By collecting these points, students can then demonstrate that they have earned a place at the Prom. It is a pleasure to report that many students have already collected lots of Prom Points and that staff have been very impressed with their continued effort and respect in school.

During the latter stages of the autumn term, students contributed to fundraising for local charity Turning Tides in numerous ways. From the Christmas Wrap-athon to Christmas Jumper Day and the House Collection Boxes, the school donated over £800 in cash and goods, going towards helping some of the most vulnerable homeless people over the difficult Christmas and winter period. Turning Tides sent BSW a thank you letter congratulating students, staff and parents/carers on their contributions.

Turning Tides

Allsorts Youth Project is delighted to announce a new LGBTU Youth Support service in Worthing. Having successfully launched LGBT-specific support in Horsham and Chichester in 2017, Allsorts is pleased to announce that the project will also deliver in Worthing from Monday 25th February 2019. Allsorts West Sussex provide Talk It Out (one-to-one) support work and the facilitation of regular young people’s groups for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Unsure young people between the ages of 11 -19 years old. Primarily the space will be a safe environment for LGBT and Unsure (of their sexual orientation / gender identity) young people to come together and get involved in fun and creative activities supported by a team of LGBT identified Youth Support Workers and trained volunteers.

When you make a purchase at a local Tesco store, you can vote for local projects using a green token. The project with the most tokens gains £4000 towards their work from Tesco stores. From January to March you can vote for BET’s Outdoor Education Experiences, and the money would help towards securing funding for the Duke of Edinburgh Award running at BSW. Get shopping and get voting!

Tesco project vote slide


It is an exciting time for our Year 8 students this term as they begin the process of choosing their GCSE option subjects. Students will make decisions that will form the rest of their time at Bohunt and will indeed have an impact on their future career paths. Pupils in Year 8 have had special PSRE sessions aimed at supporting them in making these decisions, with an outline of the different options available to them as well as possible future career paths and an upcoming assembly will offer further guidance and clarity on the importance of the options process. The deadline for applications is 28th February and we would very grateful for your support in helping students make the right decision for them.

On Wednesday 16th January, Bohunt Sixth Form hosted the launch of a cross-Trust competition, designed specifically for Year 10s from all Bohunt Education Trust (BET) schools. The event, an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)-style team competition, consists of teams of four or five students who will compete against each other. Each team will test each other’s cultural and social knowledge, aiming to demonstrate an understanding of the chosen topic, “What has been the most influential change in human history during the last two hundred years?’ Teams from BET gathered on Wednesday evening to meet and discuss the competition in more detail. It was a great opportunity for all the students to meet their cohorts from the other schools, something that BET will aim to develop more over the coming months this academic year. Our very own Bohunt Times team were there to report on this exciting launch!

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On Thursday 18th January the school hosted the last Bohunt Horsham open morning, giving prospective parents and carers for pupils at the new Bohunt school a chance to see learning at BSW and meet staff and students. The library was fully packed with visitors! The final date for application is Thursday 31st January. A big thank you to all of our students who helped out giving tours and speaking to our visitors.


We are proud to announce some excellent sporting news at the start of this new year. Bailey Smith (9FTI) and Olivia Waller (8SWI) are now playing football at a county level, representing Sussex in the Under 14s League. This is a huge achievement and both are to be commended for their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to all who took part for the Year 7 Indoor Athletics tournament. Girls came 7th and the boys joint 3rd out of all schools in the area. A special mention to Felix Nield (7HPE) who won all 3 of his races.


Our Year 8 and 9 boys’ basketball teams finished with excellent wins to end the season. A mention should go to Tom Fisher (8CCH) for his excellent performance.

We are lucky to have some incredible artists among our students, and are always pleased to show their fantastic work off at school events. To raise money for the Sri Lanka T.E.A Project we sold some prints of excellent work from students in Year 11 and Year 8 to visitors at our last parent consultation evening. We also have these on sale in our staff room, and have been happy to raise money to go towards the T.E.A Project while also promoting our talented pupils’ work.

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General notices

School recruitment: we are advertising a number of roles, please refer to the vacancies on the website for more info.

Studybugs: have you downloaded this app yet? For reporting student illness and absence, this is the easiest and quickest way to let us know if your child will not be attending school.

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Key dates:

Thursday 24th January – Year 11 Prepare to Perform Evening for Parents and Students, looking at different ways you can support your son/daughter with their GCSE studies – 6pm to 7.30pm

Thursday 31st January – Year 8 Parents’ Evening & Options – from 2pm to 7pm

Thursday 31st January – early closure for all students at 1.40pm (for Year 8 Parents’ Evening)

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