BSW Blog – 28th Sept 2018


Dear Parents/Carers

The start of year is always a very busy time and some starts are busier than others.  We were delighted to welcome our new intake of 180 Year 7 students and mark the fact that we have also reached all year groups in the school by inviting both them and Y11 in for our first teaching day.  For one group it was all about starting their journey, understanding our expectations and settling their nerves.  For the other it marked the beginning of the end but, equally, we wanted to share our plans for supporting them this year and give them the opportunity to learn some skills that will help their remaining time run as smoothly as possible.

Since those first days school has continued apace and I would like to thank parents for your support in making sure your child comes to school daily, ready to learn.  In addition your response to our recent Ofsted visit was magnificent, with over 340 parental survey replies that comfortably placed us as better than the national picture in all categories.  We had been preparing for Ofsted for a year; the school felt like a very special place over the course of the two days, showing how far we have travelled and representing very typically what we are like every day.  Staff and students were superb, fully engaging with our inspectors. I look forward to sharing the report with you when it is finalised. As always there are areas for us to work on and we are appreciative of the productive conversations that took place during the inspection period.

This week saw our Open Evening and again we were very busy. As always students acted as our best ambassadors.  Nearly a third of the school population came in to help and share with prospective parents the reasons they enjoy coming to Bohunt and to demonstrate what they have already achieved.  After such a busy start one might think we could relax but I can reassure you we will keep the pedal to the metal as school is not a rehearsal; you only get to attend each lesson, each day or each week once. We have an exciting year ahead with many more events already planned.

Very best wishes,

Adam Whitehead



After a wonderful, sunny summer we are excited to be back into the swing of things, with the new term bringing a new intake of both students and staff, adding to our ever-growing school community. In the short space of just a few weeks were are happy to report on some brilliant things that our students have been doing. The school’s central atrium is now looking incredibly bright and colourful with an absolutely stunning art display that honours Mandela, Turing and Franklin, our house icons. Ms Chapman, GCSE Art students and pupils across the school worked together to create a visually arresting painted collage. The final artwork was put up over the summer break and has been a wonderful sight to return to for students and staff.

Year 7 and 11 started with us on Tuesday 4th September, enjoying an induction to an incredibly important year in their school lives. Year 7 students spent time with their new tutors and attended their first lessons at BSW, giving them a chance to settle in and get to know their peers and staff before the rest of our students returned. Year 11 also attended an induction into their GCSE final year, getting to know what they can expect from an exciting and challenging year ahead. They also attended workshops led by staff, demonstrating the importance of well-being during their exam year.

With the return of Years 8,9 and 10 on Wednesday 5th September, the first week of the school year began for BSW! We caught up with two of our new Year 7 students during their first week to ask them how they were getting on. Aman Rakesh (7HPE) said, ‘I was nervous before starting here, but the teachers seem really nice and I’m really enjoying Music, PSRE and Science.’ Gayatri Menon (7HPE) came to us from Orchards and said ‘I feel settled in already and it’s great meeting new people and making friends.’ We wish all our new students in all year groups the very best start at BSW.


During the summer break the school ran its annual Summer School, led by Mr Goldberg. On Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th the school opened to new 2018-19 students, taking part in a range of exciting activities. The two days culminated in a BBQ to which parents were also invited. The Summer School is a vital part of inducting students into the school and we look forward to running these events again next year.

The first of many school trips and visits took place over our first few weeks of term. The English department took

GCSE Year 11 students to see a performance of Sherlock Holmes’ Sign of Four at Worthing’s Connaught Theatre to support their studies for the literature paper. Staff who ran the trip commented on how much the students enjoyed the show and on their excellent conduct.

On Thursday 27th September the school gates opened to public visitors for our 2018 Open Evening. This is a very special date in the school’s calendar as we welcome the community of prospective students, parents and carers to see the amazing achievements of our students. Staff and students across all departments arranged some exciting and engaging activities, demonstrating the fascinating subjects on offer and the incredible work done by pupils. Year 8 and 10 helped as tour guides, showing visitors around and answering questions. Students in Years 7 and 9 worked within departments, explaining what they learn and showing off the work they do on their iPads and in their books.









Our Year 11 students undertook fieldwork as part of their Geography GCSE. Led by Mr Jones, Ms Chapman and Mr Shaw, our new Faculty Head of Humanities, the students ventured to the town of Selsey, one of Britain’s most heavily defended coastal towns. The sun shone and students worked hard in preparation for the fieldwork element of their GCSE exam.



As we welcomed pupils back to school after a well-earned summer break, the theme of respect was an integral part of setting expectations for the year ahead. With the recent passing of Aretha Franklin, whose song R.E.S.P. E.C.T became an anthem for respecting the rights and freedoms of all, the Year’s opening assembly by Mr Whitehead celebrated the culture of respect that is so integral to the Bohunt ethos. Last year it was noticeable that students had accumulated significantly more ERA points for achievement and enjoyment in lessons than for respect and as such we look to ensure that students are recognised consistently for their respectful behaviour that goes on in lessons and around school every single day.

House assemblies over the last two weeks have focused on the importance of respecting our environment, both in school and across our community. We hear increasing concerns about the disposal of plastic into our oceans and on to our beaches, and as a coastal town it’s important that we address these issues. Last year BSW students took part in a beach clean on Worthing beach and the school is making every effort to ensure plastic is recycled daily.

We are pleased to announce our new Pastoral Hub in G18. This provides an area for students to seek support within the school and is where our Pastoral team can be accessed through the school day. We welcome Ms Drury to the team, who will be working alongside Mr MacInnis and Ms Langford to support our students. We also welcome Mr Cochlin as Achievement Coordinator for Mandela House. Along with Mr Pearson and Mr Goldberg he will also be partly based in the new hub.



This year marks the first time that our students will sit GCSE examinations. This will be a very exciting time for the school. Our new Examinations Officer Miss Paterson introduces herself and the year ahead.

‘I recently moved to the South East Coast from Liverpool where I worked as an exams officer for 10 years. I have joined Bohunt at a really exciting time as we take our Year 11 students through our schools first year of public exams. I look forward to supporting our staff and students during this time.
In my first couple of weeks I have been made to feel very welcome and I am really enjoying being part of a new team. There will be lots of information available for students and parents relating to exams coming soon to our website.’

We wish our Year 11 students well for the year ahead and look forward to telling you about their achievements.

On Friday 21st September all staff at BSW went off to the new school site at Bohunt Wokingham for a Bohunt Trust INSET Day. This was a brilliant opportunity for staff across the trust to get together and celebrate the successes of the past year while also planning and sharing best practice for the year ahead. The trust was delighted to welcome Eddie the Eagle as guest speaker at the event, and his warm and humorous tale of struggle and achievement resonated with the Trust’s ethos for our students. Staff worked together in departments to plan and create schemes of work and resources to support our students on their journey to success.

Eddie the Eagle

General notices: 

Please ensure your child’s name is in all their school uniform, we have a number unnamed items in lost property already.

Key dates:

Monday 1 to Thursday 4 October and Monday 8 to Thursday 11 October – Open mornings for Y6 parents and students

Friday 12 October – ERA Day. All students off time table for the day or out on day trips – more info to follow

Saturday 13 October – Y11 students embark on trip to China

Monday 15 October – Y10 and Y11 MFL students trip to Nice

Tuesday 16 October – KS4 Welcome Evening for Y9 Parent/Carers – more info to follow

Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October – Half term. Students return to school on Monday 29 October.

Monday 19 November – Inset Day

Tuesday 27 November – BET Inset Day