BSW Blog 3rd May 2019


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Dear Parents/Carers

It was a pleasure to welcome back all of the students, parents, carers and staff last week.  I trust you had a restful and happy holiday break.  Having already focused on Enjoy and Respect in previous terms, as we enter the last third of the school year our theme throughout this term will be ‘Achieve’.

As a school we pride ourselves on viewing achievement in the broadest sense.  It is vital that we have the highest expectations of our capabilities, and that school provides plenty of opportunities to recognise the achievements of individuals across all ages and abilities.  Year 11 have begun term fully committed to their academic exams, brilliantly modelling to the rest of the school the hard work and effort required to maximise your potential academically.  We also know that it is equally important for us to recognise and celebrate success outside of exam achievement. The BSW blog along with school assemblies are just two places where this happens regularly.

School assemblies are a very important part of our culture and we are extremely fortunate that we can meet as a whole school every week; something increasingly rare in secondary schools. They represent a coming together of students and staff in one place for a shared purpose. As already mentioned, one purpose is recognition and celebration but equally importantly they to provide the opportunity for us to consider spiritual, cultural and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce positive attitudes.

Both our school assemblies this term have been building on the concerns many have about climate change and the environment.  The focus has been at both a global and local level, reflecting recent increased media interest, and also our bid this term to achieve the nationally recognised Green Flag award.  A key message throughout has been encouraging students to understand that whilst a small number of people engaged in raising the profile of key issues is important in generating interest and momentum for change, it is very often smaller changes, adopted by the many, that will lead to real impact.  In this case we have asked them to consider their use of plastics, diet or how they get to school to name a few.  It is clear there are a range of steps that as concerned citizens we can all take if we view the cause as worthy and the Green Flag award gives us as a school a framework to focus on key areas for maximum impact

I hope you enjoy reading and celebrating some of the achievements that follow in this edition.

Very best wishes,

Adam Whitehead


To celebrate the start of a new term, Ms Henry’s Year 7 French class 7JTO asked if they could make France-themed cakes as their homework! The results were both impressive and delicious, and this was a great example of BSW students taking their learning in totally unique directions, whilst demonstrating creativity and independence. Très bien!

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On Friday 26th April, Mr Imbert took a group of keen musicians down to the beach for an extraordinary musical experience. Lead by Ben Gates, pupils on the visit were able to play a selection of ‘sound sculptures’ he had created as part of a sound orchestra workshop. Forged from recycled materials, the percussion instruments were entirely unique and pupils were able to experience an totally new way of creating sounds.


Students in Year 9 who are working on their Duke of Edinburgh award took to the hills on Saturday 27th April for a practice bronze expedition, camping close to Arundel in the South Downs. On a breezy and cool morning the group, led by staff and volunteers, trekked up into the beautiful countryside that surrounds Worthing, using their teamwork and expedition skills to reach their destination, where they spent a (chilly!) night, before heading back down to town the following morning. The 60 students who took part were praised for their excellent conduct and attitude during this first big challenge.




On Wednesday 3rd April our Year 9 students received a visit from a very special guest. Holocaust survivor Dorit Oliver-Wolff returned to BSW after speaking to students in 2018 about her experiences. We were honoured to welcome Dorit back after being amazed by her talk to Year 9 and 10 students last year. Dorit told the students her incredible and inspirational story of courage and resilience, from her childhood escaping Nazi persecution in Eastern Europe to her rise to pop stardom in Germany. Dorit’s stories were full of bravery, loss, horror, surprise and even laughter and our students were moved to hear this important first-hand account.

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We are proud to report on a very successful BSW water station at this year’s Brighton Marathon. On Sunday 14th April, pupils from BSW voluntarily ran Mile 19 of the Brighton Marathon. After a very early start, students arrived to take responsibility for handing out drinks, cheering on runners and setting up and packing away the water station. Their efforts helped to promote the school as well as contributing to the wider community. A huge well done to all those involved.

Mile 19 Brighton Marathon

On returning to school after the Easter break students have received two excellent and thought-provoking assemblies on the topic of the environment. With the effects of human activity on the planet such a pressing issue that will affect all of us in the future, it is only right that we as a school reflect on what we can do to reduce our own impact on our environment. On Tuesday 23rd April Mr Carter gave an assembly on World Earth Day, focusing in particular on how plastic affects our oceans. The following week Mr Bateup celebrated the efforts of pupils in achieving the Eco Schools Bronze and Silver Awards. The assembly also focused on the school’s Eco Code, noting how more and more students were choosing sustainable ways to travel to and from school and how we have cut down on waste since opening.


In each term of the year we have focused on a different element of the school’s ethos. In terms one and two we looked at Respect and Enjoy so this term the focus will be on achieving. While this ties in well with our Year 11s heading into their GCSE exams, we will also focus on all-round achievements, both academic and otherwise as we head towards to final stages of this academic year. This is a chance to reflect on what has been achieved so far and to set challenges for the rest of the year and beyond.

On Monday 1st April as the Spring Term came to an end it was time to celebrate the achievements of our students in each of our houses, Mandela, Franklin and Turing. This time it was Mr Goldberg and Franklin house’s turn to take home the cup. While it was pretty close, with just 30 points between first and second place, Franklin had a deserved victory.


On Friday 5th April Year 11 students received the results of their second round of mock exams. Having worked hard throughout the year, the most important challenge awaits these students in the summer term. As a way of supporting them to continue their hard work, every single Year 11 pupil received a personalised message of encouragement from teaching staff. Assistant Headteacher Ms Palmer described the assembly’s atmosphere as one of ‘pride, positivity and appreciation’.

Capture Y11
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We are proud to report that a team of our students won a place in the national finals of the eSports Overwatch competition. The keen gamers in Year 10 headed to the London Games Festival on Wednesday 10th April to compete against a number of other teams. Mr Franklin reported from the day:

Our team put in an amazing effort today at the Gfinity arena for the Overwatch eSports event initially winning their quarter final match however then went on to be defeated in the semi finals by the overall champions. The team had a great experience with some experts talking to them about careers and other ways into eSports other than being a pro gamer. I’m sure the team would agree they it is certainly worth taking part in and I would love to see even more students sign up for next year! 
WH overwatch article


The effort put into classwork and homework by our students is recognised by their teachers, and everyday there are brilliant examples of outstanding pieces of work that are highlighted by teachers. In Science, Ms Cahill’s Year 7 pupils have been creating Solar System models as part of their exploration of the universe. Ms Cahill was amazed by the creativity and hard work that went into these and was delighted to share them with us.



On Thursday 4th April students took part in the Inter House Sports Competition, with teams from Mandela, Franklin and Turing taking each other on in mixed football and netball games. Organised by Sports Captains, pupils who have taken on this responsibility to represent their house, the event was an opportunity to gain points towards the House Cup and to demonstrate excellent teamwork and skill. While all teams put in an exceptional effort it was Franklin who were the eventual winners!


Key dates:

Monday 6th May – Bank holiday
Friday 17th May – Y8 & Y9 Girls’ HPV vaccinations
Thursday 23rd May  – Y11 last day full day at BSW
Monday 27th to Friday 31st May – half term
Wednesday 19 June – Inset Day
Wednesday 19 June – Y11 Prom 6.30 – 10.30pm
Saturday 22 June – BSW Art Festival  11am to 2pm – as part of Worthing Artists Open Houses 2019. Our first ever GCSE art exhibition, a famous artist, workshops to join and lots more! More info to follow in the next edition of the blog.
Monday 24th to Friday 28th June – ERA Week
Wednesday 3rd July – Transition Day for Y6 students joining us in September 19
Thursday 4th July – Inset Day
Friday 12th July – Sports Day
Friday 19th July – last day of term 1.40pm finish