BSW Students meet ‘Secret Breakers’ author Helen Dennis

author visit

On the 28 February, braving a cold, chilly walk to Worthing High School some of our students were invited to listen to the children’s author Helen Dennis. She is the writer of a series of adventure and mystery stories ‘The Secret Breakers’. The stories have clues within the book including on the front and back covers, for the reader to decipher and are very popular with teenage readers.

Helen Dennis has also written a mystery series called “River of Ink” and is now currently working on her third series.

Helen gave our students a valuable insight into creative writing and the determination of becoming an author, which she had wanted to achieve since the age of seven. She talked about her books and gave three values in her presentation to the students to remember, which were told to her by her old school teacher. She has used these values throughout her life and wanted to share them with the students.
These are:
1) Always give yourself time to think
2) Always look for the unexpected in the expected
3) Believe that you can be whatever you want to be

After a funny and inspiring talk our students got the chance to meet Helen and have books signed by the author. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students who all really enjoyed it.