Important info: end of 2018/19 and start of 2019/20


Dear parents and carers,

As we have reached the end of another year, I am emailing you with a few reminders to help you to prepare for the new academic year ahead. It’s been a great last half term, please do take the time to read the most recent edition of The Bohunt News Blog which is online here and details just some of the brilliant things that have been going on in and out of school.

We had a fantastic end of term celebration.  Some individual students were recognised for their contributions to enjoyment, respect and achievement across the school and in specific subject areas.  All students received a year graduation certificate that recognised their achievements across four key areas of school life; attitude to learning, progress, conduct and attendance.  Our expectations are high and the benchmarks for these awards have been set across previous years. I am pleased to announce that a record 10% of students got gold in every category.  There is value in celebrating all three levels of award achieved as we do have a floor standard for each category below which an award is not given and the certificate is blank.

Some parents have been in touch over the staff video produced for students to celebrate both our Y11 leavers and the end of the school year.  If you would like to watch it please follow this link.  It might require your child to log into their Bohunt account to access it.  Our thanks goes to Bohunt Productions for their work secretly filming and compiling the final video.

Start of term notices: students who will be in year 7 and 11 in September 2019 will start at 8.40 on Tuesday 3rd September, students who will be in years 8, 9 and 10 in September will start at 8.40 on Wednesday 4th of September. Both of these are full school days, ending at 3.30pm.

As the supermarkets have already started to fill their ‘back to school’ aisles, please take a moment to recap on our uniform and equipment lists online to ensure that your child has everything they need to start the new academic year positively. Of particular note are the details about school shoes, as many shops now present trainers as school shoes but our uniform policy makes it clear that only leather/leather type shoes are allowed.  Please also be aware of our make-up and jewellery policy.  In particular we do not allow anything but one stud piercing in each earlobe and therefore any additional piercings should be carried out at the start of the holiday so they can be removed during the school day come September. Uniform information can all be found online, here.

I hope that the summer break is relaxing and enjoyable for your family. Thank you for all of your support in making this another successful year at Bohunt School Worthing and we look forward to welcoming you in September.

Kind regards,

Adam Whitehead