Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education can take place in many forms: within the school, in extra curricular activities and on adventurous trips. At Bohunt, pupils are offered opportunities for outdoor education across KS3 and KS4, ranging from day trips to international expeditions.

Below you will find documents that detail each of the currently offered outdoor education based trips for pupils, including kit lists, funding information and project outlines.

Parents and carers can register pupils for trips on School Gateway.


During ERA week 2018, Year 9 pupils will have the opportunity to attend a three day residential trip to a forest location in Appleton, Oxfordshire. Pupils will learn basic Bushcraft and Survival skills, led by trained and experienced staff from the activity provider, Woodland Ways.

Launch letter – click here.

Woodland Ways website: http://woodlandways.com/

Trip exemplar activities – click here.

Kit list – click here.

Duke of Edinburgh

What is the Duke of Edinburgh award?

The DofE award is the world’s leading youth achievement award – pushing personal boundaries, gaining new skills and enhancing young people’s CVs and university applications. There are three levels of the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In 2018, the Bronze award will initially be offered to Year 10.

Our aim

The aim for the near future is for the Bronze award scheme to be rolled out to Year 9s, which allow them to carry out the Silver award in Year 10 and 11. Pupils then have the opportunity to achieve their Gold award in their chosen college or sixth form.

Important Training Dates

Click here for the training calendar

Skills Section - Opportunities

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try or do you want to get better at your favouriate hobby? Do it for your Skills section and get the credit for it! Play the guitar or learn to paint, go karting or make honey – THE SKY’S THE LIMIT WHEN IT COMES TO SKILLS

(Ref: DofE Information for young people – The adventure starts here, so let’s get going…..)

Ideas! – Check out: dofe-programme-ideas-skills

Plan it! – Check out:: programme-planner-skills

Record it! –  Check out: activity_log_skills

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Physical Section - Opportunities

You can choose any sport, dance or fitness activity to get fitter, keep fit, and get better at it! You could play for your local hockey team or learn to dance or take up something a little more unusual like octopushing or free running IT’S UP TO YOU  – JUST CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU’LL ENJOY

(Ref: DofE Information for young people – The adventure starts here, so let’s get going…..)

Ideas! – Check out: dofe-programme-ideas-physical

Plan it! – Check out:: programme-planner-physical

Record it! –  Check out:: activity_log_physical

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Volunteering Section - Opportunities


  • People have a responsibility to each other. By volunteering, communities are improved and strengthened.
  • Young people are passionate about many things and should be encouraged to make a positive contribution to something they care about.
  • The commitment to volunteering should be recognised: therefore young people are rewarded for this activity with the completion of a section of their DofE programme.


Through volunteering, participants:

  • Learn about their community and feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Learn to take responsibility for their communities and their own actions by committing and persevering with an activity.
  • Build new relationships with members of their community, decreasing fears and prejudice and increasing community cohesion.
  • Further understand their own strengths and weaknesses by evaluating their own progress and building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Get a chance to develop teamwork and leadership skills, increasing their employability and work experience.
  • Have the opportunity to trust others and in turn be trusted.
  • Enjoy new adventures.

(Ref: DofE Programmes Pack  – Volunteering section)

This is your chance to make a real difference by helping someone, your community, the environment  or an organisation. From being a Listener or the Samaritans or raising money for a cancer charity to running a recycling project or helping at an animal shelter – IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO HELP OTHERS.

(Ref: DofE Information for young people – The adventure starts here, so let’s get going…..) 

Ideas! – Check out :dofe-programme-ideas-volunteering

Plan it! – Check out:: programme-planner-volunteering

Record it! –  Check out: activity_log_volunteering

Expedition Section - Information

Map reading basics:


OS Map symbols:


OS Map signs – click here

Expedition kit list – click here & here

Expedition food & menu planning – click here

Menu ideas – click here

Expedition Presentations – click here

Countryside Code – click here

Guide to Expedition Safety – click here

Expedition 20 Conditions – click here

Bitesize Guides

Bitesize Guides for Participants – click here

Bitesize Guides for Leaders – click here

Bitesize Guides for Assessors – click here