Values and ethos

Values and ethos

To be a dynamic, innovative learning environment delivering a creative, personalised curriculum and ethos that is encapsulated in three simple words: Enjoy, Respect, Achieve.

To develop young people who are game-changers, innovators and leaders. Who not only will achieve outstanding grades but will never be afraid to throw themselves into something new.
To use pedagogical approaches which maintain the highest expectations alongside a sensitivity to the individual needs of every learner, concentrate on maintaining the very best standards of learning and teaching and take every opportunity to recognise and reward achievement.

We deliver Challenge based learning, a style of teaching that sees students taking responsibility for and control of their learning. It is facilitated by the integration of IT, innovative learning environments across all subjects, the highest expectations and a focus on the combining of knowledge with softer skills such as creativity, teamwork and habits of mind. This enables engagement with a stimulating, vibrant environment that allows our students to broaden their horizons, develop their interests and engenders a passion for learning.

Respect is the bridge between enjoyment and achievement. Both inside and outside the classroom we promote a strong sense of self-worth combined with a respect for others. Our Houses, which are effectively small schools within the School, enable students to support each other and take on new challenges. These opportunities and other aspects of school life develop their motivation and independence along with the skills and resilience needed to succeed in the future.

Richness and diversity of opportunities across our creative and personalised curriculum enable the highest achievement not just academically but also in terms of a student’s personal development. Our core purpose is the provision of high quality learning and teaching through engagement with the latest research and initiatives such as; a specialist STEM curriculum, flexible learning spaces, links with industry and immersion languages. These along with exceptional experiences outside of the classroom and beyond the school gates such as the Ipad band and expeditions give our students the opportunity to develop the mindset, skills and confidence to become leaders and game changers.