The School Day

Activity Start Finish Length
Reg: a.m. 08:40 09:00 20 mins
Period 1 09:00 09:55 55 mins
Period 2 09:55 10:50 55 mins
Break 10:50 11:10 20 mins
Period 3 11:10 12:00 50 mins
Period 4 12:00 12:55 55 mins
Lunch 12:55 13:30 35 mins
Reg: p.m. 13:30 13:40 10 mins
Period 5 13:40 14:35 55 mins
Period 6 14:35 15:30 55 mins

Changes to the school week from September 2019

May 19: During the last two terms we have shared our intention to change next year’s school week by ending the school day at 1:40pm on Friday.

This kind of decision is never one which is likely to have the outright support or opposition of everybody.  We have, through surveys and events, tried to explain why we want to make this change, the benefits we think it brings and canvass the opinion of stakeholders to get an understanding of any significant concerns or questions people might have.

The key outcomes of this process have been shared with parents previously and a final update can be read here

We see this change as very exciting and beneficial to both students and staff.  Our focus next half term will be on getting the structures and systems set up for a smooth start in September.  It would be unrealistic to say we will have developed the full potential of this change particularly the extracurricular offer by the start of next year however I guarantee we will address the major concern of younger students not having to leave school if parents do not wish them too.