Transport / Park & Stride


Accessing the school on the Broadwater Road

Whilst we strongly encourage students to come by sustainable transport, the following is part of our agreed school travel plan for car pick up and drop off. As a school within our local community we need to manage this aspect of school life to minimise disruption to our neighbours.

Dropping off – the School gates open at 8 am to allow parents in/out circulation and safe drop off on site. Where possible parents are strongly encouraged to use a range of park and stride areas identified away from the school site and then their child walks the remaining journey. Suggested areas are listed below. Please note that due to the nature of the access to Queen Street car park it is not a suitable place to drop off as two cars cannot get passed each other on the road.

Picking up – unlike drop off which is an instantaneous act, pick up involves parents in cars waiting for their child to appear. This cannot be accommodated on the school site so the front gates will not open for pick up at 3.30 pm. Parents and students are instead directed to the park and stride locations indicated above and away from school site for pick up. The variety of these locations listed below allows parental drop off and pick up at designated safe places on the surrounding roads.
Suggested park and stride sites:

Suggested park and stride sites

park and stride sites