Healthy eating is at the very heart of Caterlinks approach to food. They wholeheartedly encourage balanced eating patterns within our school and their policy of purchasing seasonal produce enables them to deliver exceptional value.



They have implemented their own Fresh Food Policy throughout their business which sets out their expectations and minimum requirements to meet the daily nutritional needs of students and staff. They are rightly proud to have gained professional recognition for the success of their Fresh Food Policy, receiving the prestigious ‘Healthy Eating Award’ at a number of their schools.

Their menus are nutritionally balanced, full of local flavours and tailored to suit our school. They not only meet, but exceed government guidelines. Whether it’s lunch for student, inset days for the teachers or parents’ evenings, they have lots of fresh ideas.

How to pay

We operate a cashless catering payment system which is Biometric. It is simple and straightforward to load with credit and provides students with a fast and efficient way to purchase food. If you have any issues with accessing your account please contact the school office.



There are many benefits of using a Cashless Catering System

  • Increased speed of service reducing queuing times
  • Increased uptake on Free School Meals
  • Anonymity on Free School Meals reducing bullying
  • Facility to pay online
  • No need to carry cash preventing loss/theft
  • Automatic alerts to stop pupils purchasing allergy trigger items
  • Students learn about important lifestyle control by monitoring their own accounts
  • Reporting facilities help decrease wastage and improve the overall efficiency of the meal service


Caterlink Menu

Please click below to see the menus for Spring term 2020:

Spring 2020 – week 1

Spring 2020 – week 2

Spring 2020 – week 3


Please click here to see the Price list

Cashless Biometric payment FAQs

What is Biometric?
Biometric is simply a method of identifying an individual person. We will be using an algorithm based scan, which reads between 50 & 130 points on the finger/thumb. It is not a fingerprint in any way, shape or form and is of use only in the cashless system.

How does a Biometric System work?
The information of a pupil or staff member, who has been biometrically registered, is stored on a secure Biometric Controller within the school, which only our provider, Nationwide, can access. Once an account is credited the pupil or staff member places their finger/thumb on the EPOS Terminal, which looks up their account details and allows them to purchase items using only this method of identification.

How does my child register on the Biometric System?
Registration day will take place leading up to the ‘Live’ day of the Cashless System. At this time registration terminals will be placed in the school. Your child will attend at a requested time and they will be required to place their finger/thumb on a Biometric sensor twice to obtain a matching template, which only takes a few seconds. If you have chosen to ‘Opt Out’ of this procedure, your child will be presented with a 4 digit PIN Code.

What methods of payment can be used to credit an account?
Any amount can be credited to an account by bank transfer or debit card. Once an account has been credited the monies cannot be withdrawn and must be spent on the school meal/break services.

How can I check the credit on an account?
This can be done by the account holder placing their finger/thumb on to the biometric reader at the till and asking the cashier. Alternatively, this can be accessed via the On-Line payment site.

Can I change the daily ‘Spend Limit’?
Yes – The daily ‘Spend Limit’ has a default of £4 but this may be changed by written request to info@bohuntworthing

What happens if my child’s account is not in credit?
An automatic overdraft can be set up, which will allow the pupil/staff member to go into debit at the cost of 1 meal. The Cashless Catering System has a debt tracking facility and the ability to send debt letters to overdue account holders.

How do ‘free meal’ entitlements work?
All free meal entitlements will be entered on to the system prior to the ‘Live’ day. The Cashless Catering System will, on a daily basis, automatically allocate the appropriate account with the free meal amounts. Pupils with Free Meal Entitlements remain anonymous at all times as all account types are accessed in the exact same manner regardless as to whether paid for or not. NB. Any monies not spent from the daily free meal allocation will not be carried over to the next day.

Can anyone else use my child’s account?
No – Due to the extensive security on Biometric templates no-one will be able to access your child’s account. As a secondary precaution a photo image is allocated to each pupil. If your child is using a 4 digit PIN Code, which someone obtains and attempts to use, the photograph shown on the EPOS Terminal will alert the operator and a fraudulent sale taking place.