Parents’ Evening Booking System

Parents’ Evening Booking System


Parents’ evenings are important because they give you an opportunity to discuss what your child is doing at school and the progress they are making. It is really an opportunity for teachers to explain to you and your child how they are progressing and also for parents to ask the teacher the questions they want to know the answers to.  We expect parents and their child to attend the evening as part of working together.

Please do not wait for parents evening to come around before you address any problems your child may have.  We would much rather flag up any problems as and when they come up by arranging a meeting with the teacher involved to discuss a solution as soon as possible.  Obviously if something comes up just before an evening it is fine to raise it.

Some questions you might want to consider asking at parents evening are:

  • How is my child progressing?
  • What is the school doing to improve or maintain my child’s progress?
  • What can I as a parent do to maintain or improve this progress?
  • How does my child integrate with their peers?  Are they happy?
  • What are my child’s strengths and what can they work to improve on?

We recommend that parents see up to seven or eight of their child’s teachers in KS3 but all their teachers for GCSE courses.  If a class has more than one teacher then seeing one of them is all that is necessary.  Unfortunately parents evening is not the time to make appointments with tutors as they are unlikely to have the capacity to see their teaching groups and tutees within the evening.  Please contact and make a separate appointment to see the tutor should you wish to.

At Bohunt School Worthing we have an electronic booking system that enables parents to make appointments on line in advance. You will receive a communication before each parent’s evening detailing when the booking system will open and close. The guidance on how to book can be found in the document below and the link will take you to the sign in page.

Parents’ Evening Booking Guide